A Conversation With April Vokey

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Photo courtesy April Vokey

Photo courtesy April Vokey

April Vokey is one of the most recognized, and sometimes controversial figures in fly-fishing.

Few anglers have been thrust into the limelight in quite the same way as April Vokey. April is the first to admit that she asked for it, but it hasn’t always been an easy ride. She has enjoyed, and often endured, a weird kind of celebrity which may only exist in fly fishing.

She has been a writer, a teacher, a blogger, a social media sensation, a TV personality, an entrepreneur, a passionate conservationist, an advocate for at-risk kids and, above all, an obsessed angler. She is a walking contradiction in many ways and whatever you think you know about her, there is more to the story.

I met April, by chance, on a gravel bar on the Dean River in British Colombia. She would agree with me that that first meeting was odd, and neither of us would have guessed it was the beginning of a friendship, but it was. I was flattered, and a little nervous, when April asked me to record an episode of her “Anchored” podcast. (If you’re not a listener, you should be.) We agreed then that she would return the favor and sit down with me for an in depth interview for the G&G audience.

While April was in town helping with a fundraiser for our local Chattahoochee river, we recorded this interview. Four and a half months pregnant, she is clearly embracing the moment as a turning point and chose to share a lot of personal experiences which she has not discussed publicly in the past. It was an engaged, frank and enlightening conversation.

I hope you enjoy getting to know April Vokey as much as I have.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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10 thoughts on “A Conversation With April Vokey

  1. Thoroughly enjoy aprils anchored podcast; great to have the tables turned here to hear her thoughts and unique story. Appreciated the long format and wide range of topics. Hope to see this kind of feature continue.

  2. What an awesome podcast of April. The tables were turned for once to hear her side of the story. Her story of the trials and tribulations of everything she’s is involved in is unreal. Thanks for the podcast G&G. Thank you April for your life story.

  3. Great interview Louis! Loved it. One suggestion though, please don’t laugh directly into the microphone. My ears would appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

  4. Really enjoyed this interview. I’ve heard some of the negatives about April in a couple of fly shops in Vancouver, BC. After hearing her story, what I heard there was jealousy from those who wish they ‘were as successful’ but maybe not as willing to ‘do what it takes’ to get there.

  5. Great interview and I’m only half way through. So thankful for that car crash, and a great story of grit and just knowing who you are and doing what get’s you excited. Great role model for my daughter, and son.

  6. I have listened to April for years. I have always enjoyed her podcasts, and not only does she have a great passion for fishing, but for all outdoor sports. She really cares about what she does.

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