Saturday Shoutout / Casting in Jaguey Grande, Cuba

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Kids, some barely waist high, casting fly rods in the dirt streets of Jaguey Grande. Not the common picture of Cuba.

This film tells a remarkable story of a Cuban man who couldn’t have children of his own, and instead became the father of a town, teaching the kids to cast, to fish, and later to guide. One man’s focus and generosity helping kids cast for a better Cuba.

“Sponsored by SIMMS Fishing, from Grizzly Creek, Casting in Jaguey Grande tells the real story of the changes facing the next generation of Cubans- far from glossy scenes of vintage cars and cigars that the fill the travel magazines. 

Just a few clicks north of Bay of Pigs’ pristine mangrove flats – some of the best bonefish habitat in the world – lies Jaguey Grand, Cuba.  A surprising scene plays out on a sweltering afternoon in the town’s dusty streets and alleys:  Cuban kids with rods and reels attempt to master the art of the fly cast.  Their mentor and father figure, Felipe, guides affluent anglers from around the globe to the regions coveted sport fisheries nearby. However, gaining the same access for his “ninos” proves to be difficult.”

Enjoy: “Casting in Jaguey Grande, Cuba”

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