Tiemco Magnetic Adjustable Bobbin

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By Bob Reece

The line between necessity and advantageous varies from person to person.

When Tiemco produced its Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin, it sparked frequent discussions among tiers regarding these two categories.  My curiosity finally got the best of me and I decided to give it a spin.

While aesthetics may not be critical, this TMC bobbin is easy on the eyes.  From a more functional standpoint, the standalone feature results in an easy pickup between uses.  It also eliminates the need for any sort of bobbin holder.   Additionally, the neck of the bobbin is adjustable.  This allows the tier to set the desired length depending on both hook size and pattern style.  Complimenting that is a thread catch that prevents the loose thread from dropping back down the neck when it’s not in use.

Whether in Fine, Standard or Heavy Duty; these additional attributes are all helpful.  However, the heart of this tool is its magnetic system.  I cannot overstate how important it is to watch the calibration video on YouTube when you go to set up you TMC Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin.  If it’s not adjusted correctly, it will not work as intended.

I didn’t think that I’d be that impressed with the bobbin prior to setting it up.   I was wrong.  The smoothness and consistency of tension during use is flat out impressive.  I enjoyed being able to alter the tension as I switched patterns.  The resulting stability of thread assists in the creation of quality bugs from one tie to the next.  An additional bonus, is the bobbins ability to use poorly constructed spools that would free spool on a traditional bobbin.  As a result of this the numerous faulty spools that I have set to the side over the past year are now completely functional.

Consistency at the vise results in higher quality flies for your fly box.   If you’re looking to improve this element of your tying practice, give the Tiemco Magnetic Adjustable Bobbin a try.   Its well thought out attributes help to improve the ease and uniformity of the bugs in your box.

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4 thoughts on “Tiemco Magnetic Adjustable Bobbin

  1. Have you had any issues with the bobbin losing tension after a couple of turns? I have one as well but have found the tensioning system to give out regardless of how many times I have watched the video by Tiemco.

    • Jack I’ve had that happen a couple times. When it’s happened to me its because I didn’t tighten the internal “screw”(threaded portion that sits inside the thread spool)against the metal stopper that it threads into. If its not tightened it will start to unscrew itself and the spool moves. I hope that helps.

  2. I’ve always dreamed of the day when a decent rod/reel setup would cost only as much as a couple of tying tools, and the fly companies are finally obliging! For the same low price as a bobbin and pair of nippers, I can now buy a whole fishing setup! To think I was worried about the gentrification of fly fishing…

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