The Pregnant Scud: Tying Video

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By Herman deGala

In the early 80’s I had a design professor by the name of Herb Kobayashi from Hawaii who tried to instill in us the concept of shibui.

Shibui has no direct translation into English but describes the aesthetic of simplistic, elegant beauty not only in design, art, processes and of course swordplay.

As I look at some of my favorite fishing flies they embody some of those same principles, Barr’s Copper John, Rim’s RS2, Mercer’s Twisted Nymph and of course Craven’s Jujubaetis. There are many more examples out there. They typically use very few materials and they mimic the behavior and profile of the natural. They are usually not very gaudy, but a good attractor has it’s place.

For my first post for Gink and Gasoline I share with you my favorite scud pattern. I kept in mind those concepts from Professor Kobayashi not only when I designed this fly, but also when I fish, produce videos, photograph and share good times on the water with friends and family.

Watch this video and learn to tie The Pregnant Scud

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4 thoughts on “The Pregnant Scud: Tying Video

  1. Wow – incredible looking pattern. I struggle tying scuds, so dont normally tie or fish them. Can never seem to get the buddy shaped like other can. Just might have to try this one out.

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