Saturday Shoutout / The Feather King

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Ever wonder where those beautiful fly tying feathers come from?

This great video profile from The Great Big Story, follows Tom Whiting of Whiting Farms on his daily duties raising the birds which provide the worlds best tying feathers. If you are a tyer, or just an avid angler, you’ll love seeing this behind the scenes view of Whiting farms. It’s pretty fascinating.

Enjoy, “The Feather King”

Louis Cahill
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3 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / The Feather King

  1. it is very fascinating, and those are some healthy looking birds. I wonder how long they live on average, before they are harvested? and something I’ve wondered about for a long time–are these birds used for their meat, or other by-products besides just the beautiful feathers?

    great video–very cool to see that all these feathers we use are indeed a labor of love. Thanks!

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