Reece’s Glo Worm

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Photo by Bob Reece

Photo by Bob Reece

By Bob Reece

Whether you like it or not, fish eat worms.

This wiggly addition to fly boxes is adored by some and scorned by others. If you happen to be a fly fisher that embraces the application of annelids, this pattern is worth its weight.

When tying the Glo Worm, I use either the Tiemco C500BL or the 2499BL. Both hooks sport the slightly upturned hook point and strength required to hook and hold large fish. The addition of two tungsten beads rockets this pattern to the bottom, where it belongs. This quick descent puts and keeps the fly in the strike zone for longer periods of time. The combination of MFC Sexi-Floss and UV coat creates a natural translucency.

Worms work and some work better than others. Even among great simplicity, diversity and improvement exist. If you’re looking to step up your annelid game, light up your box with some Glo Worms.

Learn to tie Reece’s Glo Worm.


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7 thoughts on “Reece’s Glo Worm

    • I don’t, I’m sorry. My current work schedule doesn’t permit me the time to fill orders. Thank you for asking.

  1. Nice tie, Bob
    I carry a Muddy Waters box filled with flies that get my mojo workin’
    during high off-color conditions. Your Glo Worm might earn some space in there.

  2. tie it on size 8 or 10 bonefish hook and get it to retrieve with the hook point up (use channel lead, maybe) and it might make a seriously good bonefish worm. i’ve been working on a red one using shredded flash materials

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