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This week’s Saturday shoutout goes to Kirk Deeter via Midcurrent for his moving article titled, Fly Fishing Jazz: We’ll Never Be “Pop”.

We can all learn a great deal from Kirk Deeter. His writing style is smooth as butter, and always runs deep with emotions. In my opinion, he’s not just one of the best authors in the business, he’s one of the strongest voices and ambassador’s we have today in the sport of fly fishing. The other day he took time out of his busy schedule to take my phone call and give me life advice. Read the first paragraph of his article and you’ll quickly understand he’s got very little down time. I’ve looked up to him for years, but after I hung up the phone, I realized he was one of the nicest and sincere people I’ve met in a very long time. He treated me like he was my big brother. I think it’s important to share the behind the scenes look at people from time to time. That’s when you see one’s true colors and character. Next time you read one of Kirk’s articles or books, know he’s as genuine and kind hearted as he comes across in his writing. If I get the chance to fish with him down the road, I’m going to be his mobile beer cooler and extreme net man. Thank you Kirk for your unwavering righteous character.

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
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3 thoughts on “Saturday’s Shoutout / Kirk Deeter via MidCurrent

  1. I’ve always thought/assumed that from Deeter’s writing, his character is true, and that his “behind the scenes” matches his writing. Genuine. And it’s heartening to know one’s gut is right. Thanks for the glimpse, Kent. I’ve read “We’ll Never Be Pop” several times already in the past few days, and think I will now go do so again. Cheers.

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