Quotes out of context, overheard at BC West

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Scenery, Great Fishing and Snappy Conversation Photo by Louis Cahill

I was fortunate to spend a week fishing the legendary Dean River in British Columbia recently. As with any group of fishermen, this crew of anglers at the BC West lodge was full of lively conversation. I couldn’t possibly recall for you every topic of discussion but I have made a list of my favorite quotes for the week. Taken, of course, completely out of context.

#5. “There’s a scary amount of wood on the river this morning.”

#4. “Get your ass in here and take off your waders.”

#3. “Running 20 miles hurts, but it doesn’t hurt as bad as fucking Christine. ”

#2. “Every time I piss in these waders it makes me happy.”

#1. “I’m not a picky person but I don’t like to wake up with wet dog balls in my face.”

It was a great week and a great bunch of guys and, yes, there was some drinking. If you are keeping a bucket list, put the Dean on it. It’s legendary for a reason.

Louis Cahill
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