You Got to Know When to Fold Um

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Racing to get off the Green River before we get pummeled. Photo By: Louis Cahill

Thumbing through the latest Fly Fisherman Magazine recently, I read an article about lightning safety while fly fishing. It was packed full of good safety advice, and I recognized the familiar photo of Louis’s, with our friend Brad on the Gros Ventre River with a lightning strike in the background. I tagged along with the two of them that day, and I’ll never forget how close we all came to being struck by lighting. My finger tips were literally tingling with electricity, which brings me to the purpose of this post. You got to know when to fold um when your out fishing. When weather gets nasty and life threatening, don’t be a hardcore idiot. End the day short to ensure you have the opportunity to come back and fish another day. When you get back to the truck and open that cold beer, you’ll know you made the right decision.

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3 thoughts on “You Got to Know When to Fold Um

  1. Yeah kinda like today when my butt was heading in form the flats because a monster storm was coming and my steering cable broke…… So I had to pole all the way to the house with Stacy and Toccoa… we made it though lol…… Nothing like having to spend 1200 bucks on new steering later this week…..

    • Damn Man, rough day all around. We tore the oil pan off the rental car on fish creek rd. We’d have been in a bad way if not for a DNR guy who was up there trapping a problem bear. Sort of a good news bad news deal. Sure, I can give one of you a ride back to town. The other 2 better stay in the car.

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