Two Anglers Are Often Better Than One

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Capt. Joel Dickey and I soaking up the team victory. Photo By: Louis Cahill

You can’t enjoy camaraderie on the water by yourself.

There’s no high-fives, no passing the victory flask around, and worst of all, it’s awfully hard to snap a quality photograph of you and a prized catch. Wait a minute, I take the latter back. It is possible to get a good photo by yourself if you’ve figured out a way to strap a tri-pod to your back and you’re also willing to lug it around all day. That being said, the main reason I think two anglers are often better than one, is because it allows you to work as a team, and that generally makes it much easier to find success on the water.

Louis and I have had pretty consistent success fishing together over the years. Even during really tough fishing conditions we generally find a way to put enough fish in the net during the day to call it a win. The biggest reason for this is because we’re always working together to decipher the fish code. Fishing as a team, we figure out what the fish are feeding on, where they’re primarily located, and what are the hot fly patterns. We make a point to never tie on the same patterns first thing in the morning, and quite often, we don’t even start out fishing in the same water column. This allows us to quickly eliminate what’s not working and adjust our fishing tactics to what is.

It’s a pretty simple concept, more common sense than rocket science, but it works well, and we stick to it. Even in situations where only one of us can fish at a time, like on a flats boat, the non angler will stay busy maintaining line management and aiding in spotting fish. We always have each others back, we openly strategize together, and we’re not afraid to push each other to our limits when success depends on it.

So next time you’re fixing to head out fishing, take the time to call and invite a buddy to tag along with you. You just might find it’s the winning variable in the equation of success.

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
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2 thoughts on “Two Anglers Are Often Better Than One

  1. Very true. The hard part is finding someone you fit with and who will push you to improve your skills as you push them.
    I have been blessed with two great fishing partners in my 45 years on the water. One, I lost to a second marriage to woman who learned to flyfish and for some reason he preferred to spend time with and the second to a cross country move.
    Still looking for a replacement.

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