Think Twice About Your Tippet Size

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A close up look at a brown trout’s teeth. Photo By Louis Cahill

Have you ever made the mistake of cutting off your dry fly or nymph rig and quickly tying on a streamer to target a big fish?

You know, when your too lazy or in a hurry to take the time to upsize to the appropriate tippet size generally called for with streamers. I know I have, and it’s resulted in breaking off a big fish on more than one occasion. Big brown trout particularly have razor sharp teeth like a high quality serrated knife. I’ve seen a brown trout literally cut a trout in two after one quick bite. Their teeth ain’t no joke man. If you’re streamer fishing, use fluorocarbon tippet. It’s much better than monofilament for abrasion resistance. Lastly, don’t be shy to go big on your tippet size at first. It could make the difference between you landing or losing that trophy of a lifetime. You can always down size your tippet if you think your not getting bites because the fish are seeing the line.

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Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline

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One thought on “Think Twice About Your Tippet Size

  1. So, in few words : it’ sur better beginning with a heavy tippet and perhaps after downsize it…!
    You’re right!
    G. Baudin from France

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