That Anchor Was New This Spring!

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Anchor up much? photo by Louis Cahill

It’s fair to say that Kyle Holt of Taylor Creek Fly Shop takes a few trips down the Roaring Fork. This photo of his anchor was taken in November. It has seen only a single season. No wonder that boy knows the river.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline

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4 thoughts on “That Anchor Was New This Spring!

  1. Damn. Dude should switch to an anchor that doesn’t leave that much lead in the river. (This is of course coming from a guy with a lead anchor who is jealous of another guy that gets to spend a ton of time in his driftboat.)

  2. Take a hollow metal pipe. Weld a plate on one end to close off the end. Put four pieces of heavy angle iron on the end for grab arms. Fill with lead. Presto. Will last you all your life. After wearing out a few lead anchors myself I felt really bad about it, this works great. Cheers.

    • Jaap,

      We prefer to use an all steel anchor made by Hyde with spikes. It’s eco-friendly and doesn’t wear down like the traditional lead anchors. Thank you for your comment and following Gink & Gasoline.


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