Sunday Classic, Klewein’s Triple Trico

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Part 2 of our new weekend format is Sunday Classics.  Great posts you may have missed.


This Week it’s   Klewein’s Triple Trico

I tied this pattern up on the road when I was out fishing the Trico hatch on the South Platte River in Colorado with Louis.  The idea came to mind when I saw clumps of a dozen or more Trico’s floating down the river together. Trophy size trout weren’t feeding on single bugs floating down the river. Instead they were skimming the surface, mouths wide open, gorging on as many adults as they could eat per rise. I haven’t seen any patterns like this yet in the industry, just double trico fly patterns.  Give it a this year when you run into this predominate morning hatch.  The denser the hatch the better it will work.  If the hatch is mild your better off using a single or double pattern. Anyhow, I thought it was something different that all you trout bums out there would appreciate.

Klewein’s Triple Trico

Klewein's Triple Trico

Klewein's, Triple Trico - Photo By: Louis Cahill

Hook: TMC 101 Size:  16

Thread: Uni-Thread Black 8/0

Body: Black Thread & 20lb. monofilament for the T- section

Wing & Tail: Antron Yarn

Tying Tips: Tie on horizontally a piece of 2olb. monofiliament onto the hook. This will allow you to tie the triple trico.

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