Sunday Classic / Hold That Fish

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Bruce Chard and Jose Sands Get Fired Up.

Here are a few tips on holding a fish for a photo. First and most important, always respect the fish. They are a precious resource and we want to release them in good condition. Hold the fish gently under the peck fins and by the tail. If you squeeze him he will panic and struggle. A gentle grip will make your fish and angler more relaxed for the photo. Keep him close to the water and drop his head under for a few breathes every 10 seconds or so. Fish start to fade when they are out of the water and this will keep his colors bright. Be sure all of his fins are nicely displayed and not held back against his body or under a hand. Lastly, most anglers will instinctively tail a fish with an overhand grip but an underhand grip covers less of the fish and looks better in a photo.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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