Smith Optics Giveaway: Winner!

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Photo by Justin Garant

Someone is getting a new pair of fishing glasses from Smith Optics!

And that someone is Justin Garant.

I absolutely love Justin’s trippy reimagining of me and Grumpy Cat. I may actually hang this in my bathroom, its so awesome. We had some great submissions and, on the whole, you were all very generous with me. I guess that shows what a great crowd the G&G readership is. You make me proud.

On a personal note, the eyes are doing well. I’m two weeks past the second surgery now and feeling good. It’s still very early but it looks like I’m going to have pretty good vision. There will likely be some follow up work to do, but not for a while. I feel pretty confident that I can work over some bonefish with what I have, and I’ll be finding out in just over a week when I host a group at Abaco Lodge. Wish me luck.

I’d like to thank all of you who entered the competition as well as a big thank you to Smith Optics for sponsoring. I’d personally like to thank all of you who saw fit not to comment or email about my many typos during the last month. Seeing my screen has been a challenge, and may be for a while yet. Thanks for your patience. 

Louis Cahill
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