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Take a trip to the underwater world of trout.

Fair warning, you may think I’ve lost my mind. This video is likely to set your teeth to grinding well before you get to the good part. It’s about the nerdiest thing I’ve ever seen. The voiceover has all the charm of a 1960s 16mm science film and you will need a pocket protector to watch it, but if you do, I promise you’ll learn something.

The footage has some amazing moments and the insights are spot on. It’s chocked full of useful info for trout fishers and dispels some old myths about trout fishing, while confirming some truths many anglers overlook. Whatever you may think of the presentation, it’s clear that a ton of time and hard work went into its production.

There’s plenty to be learned, so prepare yourself for some serious nerd-on-nerd action and enjoy.

The Underwater World of Trout | How They See

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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4 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / How They See

  1. Good Stuff. This showed up in my YT “Recommended”: list a couple of weeks ago. I watched it and liked it so much that I subscribed to the channel so I could see the whole series and shared to my fishing buddies.

  2. Thanks Louis!
    Ozzie spent his career in the energy development industry so yeah,
    slide rules and pocket protectors were involved.
    It was always entertaining to peek over his shoulder to see what he was filming when paths crossed on the rivers.
    If you’re interested in more fish geek stuff, check out “Feeding Lies”
    and “Trout Vision and Refraction”. Lotsa food for thought.

  3. Wow! It took two sessions but I watched the entire video. I occasionally sink a GoPro camera below the surface of a stream so I can appreciate the amount of time required to produce this video. The floor of the exit room must be littered with film clips, borrowing an expression from the old days.

    The shots of the one-eyed trout are incredible. Credit goes to the fish for its perseverance to survive and to the photographer for his perseverance to capture it in video.

    I don’t expect this video to make one of the fly fishing film tours but it certainly deserves to be watched. That’s assuming you want to learn some of the secrets that occur below the surface of a trout stream.

    Thanks G&C for including this video.

    Bill Love
    Sandpoint, Idaho

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