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This week we Shoutout to the Rogue Angels. I have to say thanks ladies, for another sleepless night. If Salmon Confidential doesn’t scare the hell out of you don’t even bother with The Walking Dead.

This documentary takes you deep into the world of the dwindling BC salmon population. It explains the science and the politics behind what could be the greatest natural disaster of our time.

This hour and ten minute documentary is riveting and well worth your time. A big thanks to The Angels for spreading the word.

Watch Salmon Confidential HERE

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Salmon Confidential

  1. Thanks for the link guys. A very sobering look at what is happening on the west coast. I work for a retail store and about eight years ago, the decision was made to not carry farmed fish of any sort. We only carry sustainable seafood as it is very important to do the right thing and not concentrate on the almighty bottom line. We gotta spread the word and not buy that farmed crap.

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