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This week’s Saturday Shoutout goes to two blogs we follow religiously. Both Buster Wants to Fish and Trout Underground weigh in on Hatchery Steelhead in their own ways.

Hatchery Steelhead are Tasty. Photo: G_Smolt - Buster Wants to Fish

Buster’s friendly reminder – Hatchery Steelhead are Tasty 

We give mad props to Buster Wants to Fish contributor G_Smolt, for his creative photo and interesting read about hatchery steelhead. It was by far one of the most unique reads for me of the week.

More Proof: Hatchery Salmon & Steelhead actually damaging wild fish populations

Tom Chandler of Trout Underground never disappoints with his superhuman ability to find the latest news and intriguing fly fishing reads. This post really gets you thinking about fisheries as a whole and what’s the best option. After-all, some rivers just aren’t suitable for wild reproduction and can only provide recreational fishing through stocking programs. Others seem they would be much better off if we would drop the stocking efforts all together and give the wild fish a chance to reproduce and increase populations on their own without us interfering.

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