On The Road to Hollywood

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20130409-170403.jpg Kent Autographing the Tires

Well, it may not be Hollywood exactly but it’s big news for G&G. Kent and I are living the dream! We’re excited and honored to be chosen for a segment in the film “Playground Earth,” sponsored by BFGoodrich. That’s right, we gonna be movie stars! In our own minds anyway.

Here’s the scoop. BFGoodrich has flown us to Salt Lake City UT where we, along with three other teams of adventure athletes, are getting our school on at a four day professional off road driving course. Once we are are trained stunt drivers, and general menaces to public safety, we will hit the road as the first leg of an extreme relay race across the American west.

The good folks at BFGoodrich are supplying us with a pimp F150 4X4 and some sweet tires and we are headed to Idaho and Oregon to fish the Owyhee river with a film crew from Camp 4. If you are not familiar with their work you need to check out the Camp 4 Vimeo page. These guys are amazing! They might even make ‘us’ look good.

The Owyhee is gaining the reputation of being one of the best trophy trout rivers in the country. It’s name is being mentioned along side rivers like The White in AR. It’s apparently home to some big brown trout that are notoriously tough. Kent and I are excited to see the Owyhee and get a first hand look at some of those browns. The river gets a lot of pressure and we plan to put those Goodrich tires to the test and find some prime water that’s off the beaten path.

Here’s where things get interesting. After we’ve done our best on the Owyhee, we will tear ass across a couple of states to rendezvous with the next adventure team. The Goodrich pit crew will put our tires on their vehicle and they will take off on their own adventure! At the end of the relay the tires will have gone with each team, having been tested on and off the highway by fly fishermen, kayakers, climbers and mountain bikers.

Kent and I are not only honored but humbled to be part of such an amazing project and to be working with a group of truly world class athletes and film makers. We pledge to do our best and make the G&G family proud of us. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and twitter feed for updates and please be patient as I’m sure we will be running behind on answering comments and emails. We expect to be quite busy. Fear not, our post are written and scheduled for the next two weeks so you will have the daily content you are used to from G&G.

We would like to thank BF Goodrich and The Martin Agency for believing in a couple of Georgia fly bums and asking us to be involved in this great project. We also thank the good folks at Simms and NRS for providing us with the best gear on the market. And a big thank you to my buddy Rob Parkins of RP Outdoors for his hard work gathering local intel.

We are excited to take our readers on this journey. We hope this inspires you to get out and live your dream on the playground we call earth. Buckle your seat-belts boys, it’s gonna get bumpy!

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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13 thoughts on “On The Road to Hollywood

  1. Try to keep from busting out the oil pan in bear country…

    In all seriousness, I hope you get to drive just a bit west after you are done on the O. That stretch from Burns down through the Alvord Desert is the bomb. The film crew can get some footage of you guys hauling in the Lahontans in Mann Lake with the Steens in the background, followed by a dip in the Alvord Hot Springs.

  2. That’s freakin awesome guys! Enjoy the trip and good luck with the fishing out there. Give that F-150 hell! I’ll be excited to see the finished videos and pics.

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