Help Andrew Grillos In A time of Tragedy 

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By Louis Cahill

Andrew Grillos is an innovative fly tyer, guide and one of the finest people you’ll ever meet, and he needs our help.

You may know Andrew for his killer fly patterns like the Hippy Stomper or Bob Gnarly. You may have seen his contributions here on G&G, or fished with him for trout in Alaska. You may not know him at all, but I assure you, if you fly fish, Andrew has touched your life in some way. In addition to being one of our sports great innovators, he is one of the kindest people I have known.

Last week Andrew was struck down by a sever stroke. In spite of being young and incredibly fit (Andrew is an ultra-marathon runner) within moments he found himself fighting for his life. After multiple surgeries, he is know hospitalized and only partially responsive. Still in grave danger but doctors site his physical strength and will to survive as great assets. I wish I had more detailed information to share, but things are changing quickly and, honestly, the family has plenty to do without me bugging them for updates.

How you can help.

This is the kind of event that could strike any of us. If you are concerned and would like to help out, it will be greatly appreciated and there are a couple of ways you can choose to do so.

Go Fund Me

There is a Go Fund Me page where you can donate to help cover the mounting medical expenses. Click here to donate.


Friends are auctioning off fly fishing gear and trips to benefit the cause on Instagram. You can find the auctions by searching the hashtag #fliesforandrew on Instagram.

I would like to personally thank everyone who chooses to help. All of us who know Andrew are heartbroken by these events. Please help if you can.

Louis Cahill
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