WTF Caption Contest Winner

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Whisky, Tango Foxtrot?  Photo by Louis Cahill

Whisky, Tango Foxtrot? Photo by Louis Cahill

It was tough choosing a winner from way over 100 hilarious entries.

It looks like Jared Giles will be sporting that Paul Puckett original Flood Tide ball cap for his caption.

“2 guys 1 prop.”

If you don’t get it, trust me, you’re happier not knowing. Don’t go poking around the internet looking for the answers. Really!

Congratulations Jared, I guess now we all know what you’ve been up to on your lunch break! Thanks to everyone who entered. I wish you all could have won.

A special thanks to Paul Puckett and The Flood Tide Co for providing such a cool prize!

Louis Cahill
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3 thoughts on “WTF Caption Contest Winner

    • I have to admit, I laughed when I read your caption, and then laughed again at the thought of your caption typed at the bottom of this pic. I think it fits the bill well! Well done!

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