The River – A Short Fly Fishing Essay by Anthony Greer

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Today’s post we honor a simple request from a Father to shed light on the one year anniversary of losing his son, and favorite fishing partner. Anthony Greer’s life ended far too early from a firearms accident, and we pay respect to this young articulate man and former guide, who was well on his way to becoming a fly fishing legend. Anthony spent many days guiding clients to trophy trout on the flaming gorge section of the Green River. His home water was the Provo River in Northern Utah. Anthony, we hope you’re spending your time in heaven casting dry flies to big beautiful trout on the prettiest water you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

Below is a powerful and moving short essay Anthony Greer wrote. Please take the time to read and pay your respects to one of our fallen fly fishing comrades.

The River

Where does one venture when the responsibilities of life weigh heavy upon the mind? The answer, of course, is very simple. We go to where no others bother to look. The places we visit, time after time after time. The River.

She’s always there. Always willing to share her bounty to the dedicated. The few. The ones who got the bug early and have never ceased to stop the quest for knowledge. The River, although a temptress at time, never ceases to amaze, and even if she takes your breath away, we always find ourselves coming back fro more.

This, my friends, is not passion, hobby or sport. It cannot as easily be summed in those words. In a few enlightened anglers’ minds lies an addiction so deep, I dare say, that even after a lifetime of angling they would begin to feel satisfied.

Or maybe these are just the rants of one lone fish bum.

– Anthony Greer –

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
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2 thoughts on “The River – A Short Fly Fishing Essay by Anthony Greer

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