That’s Going To Leave A Mark

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Nobody want’s a hook in their face.

(If you’re paying attention, you notice I ended yesterdays article with this same words. Not a coincidence. )

By far, the most popular video I have ever shot for G&G is the one where I stick a hook in my arm so we can show how to use “the mono trick” to get it out. Well, I got to take my brother Tom fishing the other day and I guess he isn’t going to be outdone by his little brother. Half way through the float he hooked himself in the face with a 2/0 Gamakatsu B10s.

The hook was in his cheek all the way to the bend. About as bad a hooking as I’ve ever seen. I’ve snatched hooks out of people before, but not one this bad, and not my brother. It was not textbook on the first attempt. Of course tom shot selfi-video.

I’m sharing this video as a cautionary tale…and also because it’s darkly hysterical. Let this be a lesson to you kids. Practice your casting.

Warning! This video contains lots of adult language. 

Don’t send me emails. Stick a hook in your face and see how your language is.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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7 thoughts on “That’s Going To Leave A Mark

  1. Better yet, go BARBLESS! Barbed hooks are truly barbaric. Switching to barbless or de-barbed hooks is a win-win-win.

    WIN for the FISH! The number of mangled and disfigured trout jaws is increasing by the season.

    WIN for the FLY! Extracting flies with de-barbed hooks is fast and easy. Often can be done with just your fingers and if using hemostats, much less force means much less damage to the fly.

    WIN for YOU! Hook extraction from human tissue when using de-barbed hooks is just an afterthought. No special techniques required. However this video is the real deal; used it a few times back in my barbed-baric youth.

    There is no good reason to continue the use of barbed hooks. And there a re three really good reasons to go barbless.

  2. I use those hooks a lot and they are incredible at sticking fish… and people. I use the B10S in smaller sizes as a dry fly hook for patterns like elk hair caddis. Ran out of my usual dry fly hooks and substituted these and have just stuck with them. I think the wide gap makes hookups easier and they seem to hold on pretty well even with the barb pinched.

  3. Sank a size 8 Wooly Bugger in my cheek a couple springs back; luckily I had debarbed it. 1 little tug, out it came and I kept on fishing. Did go get a Tetanus shot the next day just to be safe though.

  4. As someone who has impaled a treble hook of a YoZuri plug into my hand while striper fishing in Cape Cod, I can fully appreciate the salty language.
    Once you’ve had this exquisitely painful experience , you will never forget to crush the barbs on your ‘lure’ whether it’s a #4 Slumpbuster, a #24 BWO, or a magnum saltwater plug!!!

  5. I don’t use barbless hooks per se; I prefer to pinch the barb down by about 85%. That tiny nubbin (what, mine? heh heh…) I like to think keeps a little bit of grab on the fish without having an ugly barb, yet it’s super easy to release the fish!

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