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Visions of fish and fly, carved in wood and cast on paper.

Tyler Hackett, of Wandering Blue Lines, is a unique artist in the genre of fly-fishing-art. His bold designs are created using the classic art of wood cut. Tyler draws his art backwards, then carves it into a block. The block is inked and right reading prints made from it. The look is unique and stunning.

It gets even better. In addition to creating great fishing art, he donates 10% of all sales to environmental conservation.

Making art for all who follow the wandering blue lines of streams, rivers and coastlines, be it with a finger on a map, or boots in the water. I put the same amount of passion into making art as we all do into spending time on the water. In an effort to help promote a culture of respect for fish, water and the surrounding land, 10% of all sales will be donated to a non-profit working to protect the environments we all enjoy .

I’m a fan. In fact, Tyler is now making G&G T Shirts!

Check out Wandering Blue Lines and the Wandering Blue Lines Instagram.

Louis Cahill
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