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I have always thought a lot of Perk Perkins.

For some time I have had a casual email relationship with Orvis CEO Perk Perkins. It started when he sent me an email about a product review I wrote. He simply reached out to say thanks. That’s a pretty uncommon thing for the CEO of a large company. The fact that he even knew about the review said a lot about how he runs his company. That was not the end of the exchange.

We email back and forth for a while discussing a range of topics, few relating to work directly. Perk told me he would be out of touch for a while. He was taking his dog and sailing around the Caribbean for a while. I told him to have fun and if he ever needed a new dog, I’d like to apply for the position.

Perk and I had a few more interactions after he returned and I learned the he was always willing to help out when I needed it. The more I learned about the man the more I respected him. Orvis shows a remarkable commitment to the fly fishing community and to conservation. That’s Perk. When people bash Orvis, I always stand up for them. Because I believe in the company and the man who runs it.

When I saw this video I knew I had to share it. A beautiful story of a father told by his son. Take a few minutes to watch. It’s not a marketing piece. It’s just a great story about a great man.

Check out, “Live Free – Vive Libre”


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  1. Great video of father and son journey. I remember spending lots of time outdoors with my father throughout the American west and the North Country. I wish we were still able to go on such journeys. Simon, do as many of these epic trips with your father as you can while you can.

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