Saturday Shoutout / Urban Assault 

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Urban fly fishing, is it cool?

I live in the city, and I confess I do this. I fish some pretty sketchy water. Places you might want to throw your fly line away after fishing and places were I carry bear spray, and not for bears. I’ve found some surprisingly nice fish.

I’m not giving up my spots but I’ll sure out these dudes in Minneapolis. It’s crazy the species they find in the heart of town. Makes me want to catch a bus.

Fly Fishing Minneapolis

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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3 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Urban Assault 

  1. That’s awesome! The fisheries in the urban parks, lakes, and streams are a real treasure. We have some good ones in Madison, WI I fished a lot as a kid and still enjoy as a grownup as a quick fix “leisure fishing”. If you haven’t sight fished hand sized bluegills and 10-12” largemouth on a 3 weight you’re missing out on a neat fly fishing experience.

  2. This is not limited to the upper midwest, there is great urban and suburban fishing in southern cities like Columbia, Atlanta, and Chattanooga.

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