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One of my very favorite sites is on the edge of good bye.

“Finding the seam between currents, and threading your fly just there, is the difference between playing with Pisces and enjoying the view. As hard hunting and fishing fathers, we’re stalking a similar sweet-spot – the balance between passionate pursuits and happy home-lives. Sometimes we nail it, sometimes we miss. Weeks go by when we’re not even sure it exists. But we’re getting after it all the same. There’re fish in the rivers, birds in the brush and elk in the hills… and hell if we’re going to stand and watch the scenery go by.”


That’s how Matthew Copeland and Steven Brutger, two of the most talented and enjoyable folks I know, described their site. It is, like them, modest. Stalking The Seam achieved what few outlets do. Authenticity and reliability, a creative vision rooted in sincerity and humility and a work ethic which let nothing slide. Truly something special.

Last week Steven made the reluctant announcement that he and his partner were stepping back. It wasn’t so much a “Good bye” as, “I’m not sure we’ll pass this way again.”  If not, they will surely be missed.

Nothing in life lasts forever. If you are not familiar with STS, you should follow the link and do some reading, while it’s still there. If you know and love the site, you might think about dropping them a line to say thanks. At the very least, let’s all take a minute and recognize that something special and very cool happened.

Thanks guys! All the best.



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9 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Stalking The Seam

  1. I discovered STS, 5 months ago. I binged on the blog, truly a journey of family, fish and fowl. I’m sad to see Matthew and Steven shut down the site. From the closing post it appears the guys are doing good, just strapped for time. Fantastic writing from true gentlemen.

  2. STS was an inspiration. Beautifully written, stunningly photographed, spoken from the heart. For me, it walked the path with Erin Block’s “Mysteries Internal” and Matt Smythe’s “Fishing Poet.” Finely crafted, thoughtful stuff. True short form literature in a digital age where such things are few and far between. Sad to see Matt and Steven hanging it up, but I get it. Here’s wishing them all the best.

    • Mike, your encouragement has always meant a lot to us. I never thought I was capable of creating anything deserving of such high praise. My plan has always been to ride Matt’s coattails as far as I can. Probably worth quitting while we are ahead!

  3. They should continue their great work. I visited their site and it looks so nice to me. Stunning photograph,awesome content. They always choose great place to go for hunting and fishing. Though they stop the site i think they can’t keep them away from going outdoor.

      • Happy to hear that Steven. It may be hard to continue a blog with so many other thing to do. Time is a important thing, and we are all run out of it. Sometime I also stop so many things to focus on other important things to do.

        But shutting down a established blog is like kill own kids ( My opinion )

        Either way to can hire VA to do the things for you. You just go outdoor and explore. Take some great snap and go to bed.

        Don’t take it too hard my friend. I just share my thought,

        Hope you do the best that suit you.
        All the best

  4. “I’m still shivering. A week of 30 degree temps and a constant mixture of rain and snow appears to have lowered my core body temperature. Despite being home for two days I still can’t seem to warm up.
    “What happened to you guys?” read a note in my inbox when I returned to town. It’s a fair question. While most folks barely noticed, we stopped publishing on STS this summer. A few have asked what happened to us. We should have said something sooner. In short we no longer have the drive to keep regularly creating content here on STS. At the same time we aren’t fully ready to give it up.”

    Why didn’t you turn me on to them four years ago? I will try to catch up.

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