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Writing for Southern Culture on the fly, Christian Fichtel hold Trout Unlimited’s feet t the fire.

Has TU crossed the line from conservation organization to fishing club? That’s the question Christian Fichtel asks in this insightful piece. I’ve heard this tossed around for years but as far as I know this is the first time it has been openly addressed in the media. Kudos to Christian for taking a position.

If you are interested in trout conservation I highly recommend you read this.

An Open Letter To Trout Unlimited

Part 2: The Follow Up


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3 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / SCOF on TU

  1. I didn’t read the entire letter, it gets kind of boring actually. But isn’t this type of orginization no different than AARP? Did you hear Donald Trumps comments on the UN? Just a club that hangs around having fun. It’s the way most orginizations go, no matter the cause. Give money to the Red Cross today, what do they spend it on? Whatever they want, that’s the answer. So, I guess I miss your point really……..or, you’re extremely naive. Anytime someone asks me for a donation for trout stocking, stream cleanup……..I give it. I can’t control it if they all go out to lunch and drink afterwards. Maybe I don’t care anymore, because I’m getting old and cynical, or maybe I’ve just learned through the years…….Every good intention, has another motive too. So, let them fish…… least they do some good. After all, we aren’t all going to heaven as angels, are we. I hope I made some sense in response. But, I think you expect too much.

  2. I don’t know. There are lots of TU chapters. My local chapter has been very involved in conservation matters over the year, helping to insure instream flows necessary for the health and well-being of wild trout, raising money to restore damaged watersheds, fighting against and stopping a potentially destructive mine just outside Yellowstone NP. The list goes on and on. If anything, our local chapter has come under criticism for not being enough of a fishing club. We’ll never get everyone to agree on just what is the proper balance. The consensus is that if we’re going to err, it’s going to be on the side of conservation. I think the author needs to change his chapter, or find a new one.

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