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Don’t miss this chance to help save the Florida Everglades, You won’t get another.

Finally, finally, FINALLY! Something is getting done to help stop the tragic and ongoing destruction of the Florida Everglades. I’d personally like the thank the Orvis company and in particular Perk Perkins, who I don’t think gets the credit he deserves for his conservation work. Good job gentlemen.

If you are not aware of the situation in the Everglades you should read this post from Orvis news. Either way you should add your name to the Now or Neverglades Declaration. I have. This fragile ecosystem is on its last legs and if it goes down it will take the fisheries in the Florida Keys with it. Don’t hesitate.




Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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5 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Now Or Neverglades

  1. Taylor Slough is a major conduit for fresh water that flows into Florida Bay Its on the road that leads from the south entrance to Everglades National Park and ends at Flamingo. In the winter and spring its almost dry but when the summer rains start it’s a flowing clear water stream, basically. Bass, panfish and gar seem to magically appear as soon as the water starts flowing. You can see this from the side of the road. It’s really neat to observe this natural phenomenon. This flow needs to continue to even begin to produce a healthy Florida Bay. Everyone, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support the restoration of natural fresh water flows to theEverglades.

  2. Thank you Louis and everybody at G&G for taking part of this, is down here in Florida need all the help we can get

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