Saturday Shoutout / My First Fish

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Do you remember your first fish?

This great video, sourced from Orvis News, follows a five-year-old boy on his journey to becoming an angler. What a treat to see the wonder in his eyes, holding his first steelhead. Take a few minutes to watch and share. It’s magical.

My First Fish

Louis Cahill
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2 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / My First Fish

  1. My first fish was in Jan 1949 on Stone Island off Bowen fishing the inside of the GBR. A medium size Parrot Fish on a linen cord hand line. A couple of weeks later I got my first Barramundi at the bottom of the spillway on Aplins Weir in Townsville during the wet. Caught on a home made rubber frog. I’ve caught a few fish since then and intend to catch a lot more. BM

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