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Only one person comes to mind, Oliver White.

I was talking with some anglers the other day about Lefty Kreh. Sadly, Lefty’s health as not been good recently. Although friends tell me he has rallied and is feeling pretty good at present, it has caused us all to picture a time without him. Someone brought up that it wouldn’t be long before we lost all of the legends of the sport.

“Who is going to take their place?” He wondered.

“Only one person comes to mind,” I replied.

I have known Oliver White for several years now. Only casually at first but I’m now happy to call him my friend and to host my Bonefish Schools at his lodges in the Bahamas. The more I get to know him, the more impressed I am. Oliver’s background is almost mythical in proportion. If you are not familiar with his story, it’s covered in one of the videos below. His career ark spans the globe, from Tierra del Fuego to Wall Street, and includes being both a hedge fund analyst and a hostage.

Although Oliver is a brilliant business man and a world class angler, neither is what really impresses me about him. It’s his character. Oliver always says what he thinks, a trait I always respect, but he does it in a way that heals rather than harms. His passion is infectious, especially when it comes to conservation. Through his work with Indy Fly, Oliver is not only saving fisheries but the indigenous people who call then home.

Below are a few excellent videos featuring Oliver White. Take a few minutes and get to know the fellow I think is the next legend of fly fishing.


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