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By Carter Lyles

We have been keeping our eyes peeled for some really cool content, sites, and other blogs that really pop out at us recently.

I came across a website not too long ago that will really click with all of our saltwater fly fishers out there… It is called FlyFishBonehead.
Website Features:

World Map: The site has a giant map of the Earth that you can explore by clicking on saltwater fly fishing destinations to learn more about the area, the fishing opportunities, the recommended lodges and guides, as well as the best times to go for different species.
Fly Tying Videos: These folks have got some killer flies… Things that I have never even thought of trying out before. What’s even better is if you sign up through Facebook and pay $24.00 a year (I was shocked at the small price too) you get access to the entire fly tying videos.
Fishing Calendars: Want to know when the best time to go to a certain destination is for all kinds of saltwater game fish? That’s a stupid question… Of course you do! FlyFishBonehead provides you with destinations like Venezuela, South Pacific, Panama, Mexico, Bahamas, Guatemala, Florida Keys, Hawaii, Miami, Belize, etc…
Fish Species: Want to know more about a certain kind of saltwater game fish? The fish species bar allows you to do just that! Each page provides a plethora of information about the saltwater fish and a series of flies that are recommended to catch them.
Conservation: FlyFishBonehead is involved with a series of conservation programs such as 1% For The Planet, The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, Del Brown Permit Tournament, and IGFA.
With all of these cool ass features you could say I spent quite a bit of time surfing their site. But if you really want to see something cool, then check out there digital magazine, “Tail Fly Fishing Magazine,” for excess information on bonefish and saltwater fly-fishing!!!

Carter Lyles
Gink & Gasoline
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One thought on “Saturday Shoutout / Fly Fish Bonehead

  1. I really like their idea and site design. I especially like the part in the spinner shark heading where they said, and I’m paraphrasing, “we bow to no king (tarpon), but will bow to the Spinner shark.” I really liked how they’re willing to put out something going against convention. The execution leaves something to be desired, however. It’s long winded, poorly formatted, and poorly edited. I expect it to be quite good once they work on the formula a little bit.

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