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Every hour an American veteran takes their own life.

This lovely film, featuring Jessica Calihan, honors our veterans and highlights the power of fly fishing to heal. Set in the Low Country of South Carolina and Georgia, “Every Hour” is both beautiful and up-lifting. Take a minute to enjoy the film and share it with a veteran.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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One thought on “Saturday Shoutout / Every Hour

  1. Louis I enjoy your blog and see you as a patriot. You have a strong voice . It seems to me that someone should ask why Congress gets such great healthcare and wounded veterans get much less. I feel we owe the veterans more. Someone needs speak up. Thanks..

    Louis, I enjoy your fishing blog and see you as a Patriot. You also have a strong voice and a large following. Someone needs to ask why Congress has such great healthcare and Combat Veterans do not. Why can’t we do more for our Combat Veterans. Could this be a good question for you to raise to your followers ?

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