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There’s a great new podcast from the folks at The Drake Magazine.

The Drake is one of the pubs that does it right. In keeping with their innovative attitude and high standards, the Drake Cast is fun and extremely well done. Elliott Adler strikes the perfect tone for “those who fish.

Episode 1 follows musicians Sean Carey and Ben Lester on a quest for solitude, beer, music and fish that takes them from Wisconsin to Idaho. Take a few minutes and join them on the road.


Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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One thought on “Saturday Shoutout / Drake Cast

  1. Thanks, Louis! Really appreciate the support. Elliott recently posted a couple of new episodes, including something from your neck of the woods–a compelling look at the fires that swept through Great Smoky Mountains Natl Park last fall, how those fires greatly affected the gateway town of Gatlinburg, and how some of the recovery and restoration efforts are proceeding. (The good news: While there was substantial destruction from the fires, it seems the fish and fishing has been mostly unaffected.)

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