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One of the most talked about stories in fly-fishing, Will Rice’s podcast “Down The Path” tells a story as addictive as it is chilling.

On April11, 2009, Ronald Scheepstra disappeared from Xcalak, Mexico.

Ron and his companions had been to this remote area on fishing trips in both 2007 and 2008 and, as avid fly anglers, had done extensive preparation and planning.

For reasons that are not completely known or understood, Ron broke away from his friends in the early afternoon that day. He reportedly climbed from the shallow water and as he began to walk down the path, called back, “You go on. I’ll be fine.”

Ron was never seen again.

With 4 episodes already online, I dare you not to binge this series.

“Down The Path”


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3 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Down The Path

  1. Tens of thousands of people have disappeared in Mexico since 2007. More US citizens have been murdered in Mexico then all countries combined. My experience visiting Mexico’s Mayan Temples is that usually all the roads are protected by Federales with machine guns, however, be aware criminals dress up as Federales in Mexico. I’ve fished in Cozumel, bonefish and offshore, pretty safe there. As ex law enforcement some serious advice, find safer fishing destinations, Mexico is run by 5 major drug cartels. If you have to go stay in numbers, don’t travel outside boundaries defined by the fishing guides, always check online recommendations. Remember Belize just south and is much safer.

  2. If I heard correctly, Ron’s fishing buddies drove to another location (Tarpon Bay) while he chose to stay. He walked alone up the trail to fish somewhere alone. The podcast did not describe if they searched for Ron at the other location. I was thinking maybe he had jumped in the car with them so they could all go together.

    I would hope my friends wouldn’t act like they did if I never returned.

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