Saturday Shoutout / Collin Carlson Speaks Out For Utah

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Words of truth spoken from the heart.

“There’s worse things in life than being honest, and true to what you believe.” That’s what Collin Carlson said to me not too long ago. This week, Collin (the F-ing Man) Carlson lives up to his words. In this heartfelt video he makes a case for anglers’ rights to water that defies argument.

This impassioned plea is not academic. Utah anglers are about to lose the right to fish their water and in the process Utah will set a dangerous precedent for other states. This is a time-sensitive issue. Please watch this video. Please get involved. And show some support for Utah anglers.

Click here to Support the Utah Stream Access Coalition.

Watch the video, Utah Stream Access. You’ll be glad you did. And if you like what Collin has to say, check out his site, Finpusher.


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8 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Collin Carlson Speaks Out For Utah

  1. Louis, Great Post! Thanks to Collin for the message, we are all affected by this issue more each year as more and more public water gets posted and closed. NY State has granted the corporation the rights to fish the water when they own both banks so the only thing you can do if pass through water you used to fish. If a Corporation is a person, put the board of directors and executive board in Jail when the Corporation breaks the law.

  2. We are very fortunate here in WNC with all of the public water to fish. Other states are not so blessed to have the access like we do. I support this cause for those guys. Everyone should have the right to access water and I dont think individuals or businesses should be allowed to own stream or river beds and deny passage by foot or by float. Once the wedge is in the wood, it is only a matter of time befor the wood is split.

  3. Thank you! Posting on FB. Montana just won one of these disputes in favor of the public. It can be done. Realize who you vote for, and what values they REALLY are about.

  4. Yeah you have to stay on top of the sneaky little bills that get worked in in your state. Unfortunately for a cause like this the public is it’s own worst enemy. Many that don’t have the passion for waters that we do ruin the very water we want to protect. That said I still would rather deal with that. I don’t fish Utah any more as it is too crowded. Another bummer of the cause is as we promote the secrets of life that stream fishing guards so well those secrets seem to get diluted.
    Quite the odd catch 22.

  5. I sent the URL to my Senator and Representative. If they are as moved by Carlson’s plea and from the heart explanation of why this is important to all of us as I was, well, maybe a little visual will bring them around.

  6. Every time they pass a law… we loose a little bit more freedom. This scares me to death. I have two little girls that are waiting patiently for “daddy to take them to the river”. I breaks my heart to think that could be infringed upon. If nothing else I’m now getting involved. Thanks fellas.

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