Saturday Shoutout / Christmas on Christmas Island

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What better way to spend Christmas Eve than with some hungry GTs?

It is Christmas eve, after all, so pour yourself a glass of eggnog and enjoy some crazy action from Christmas Island.

Merry Christmas for Gink and Gasoline!

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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5 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Christmas on Christmas Island

    • This seems like something people do kinda instinctively. I’m always stopping clients from doing it while hooked to trees, etc. because somehow I came to believe the rod should only be gripped under load where there is a cork grip and nowhere else. Seems to me the practice shortens the rod, takes the backbone out of it, and puts all the load on a fulcrum where the rod is not designed to do that.

      Anyone have any insights to this?

  1. Is the off shoulder cast not the best approach to casting with the wind on your normal shoulder? I cringe when I see the back cast presentation because it seems like a compensation for lack of good technique. A proper off shoulder cast is very similar to the mechanics of a normal over head cast, you just change the position of the rod in your hand, tweak your arm posture a bit to elbow-out. You remain facing your target. May take some time to get the command and power you have with a normal cast, especially if you are a trout guy in the tropics with a 12wt, but once you get there, you won’t be doing the goofy stuff any longer.

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