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Battlefish is like Wicked Tuna, with a steelhead guide.

OK, right up front I’m going to adit that I feel more than a little funny about promoting a Netflix series that centers around commercial fishing. What can I tell you? It’s fishing and a good buddy of mine is in the show.

Barrett Ames, who I fish with every time I’m on the west coast, is a badass steelhead guide and one of the fishiest guys you will ever meat. In addition to guiding for steelhead, he is a partner in a tuna boat with a twist. While most commercial tuna boats stay out for weeks loading up with fish, Trefin (that’s their company) offers day boat tuna. That means that their fish are processed within 24 hours of being caught. It’s the most expensive and least efficient way to catch tuna, but you can absolutely taste the difference.

When Netflix set out to make a west coast tuna show, they recognized the uniqueness of this program and included them. The show is very well shot and full of action, as well as some of the “interesting” characters you’d expect on reality TV. It’s worth checking out, if you like that sort of thing. So is the day boat tuna! You can find that at

Check out Battlefish

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