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Photo by Andrew Bennett

Photo by Andrew Bennett

I recently had the opportunity to record an episode of Anchored, with April Vokey.

I’ve been a fan of April’s podcasts for some time. I think she has a real talent as an interviewer and she works very hard at it. Her interviews are always thoughtful and engaging. She takes the time to dig in and get to know the folks she interviews.

I’ve known April for several years but we have never sat down for this kind of conversation. I was genuinely uneasy about the idea of talking about myself, but April made it easy and even I’m surprised at a few of the stories she got out of me.

We talked about my background and how I found myself in the fly fishing business, the creation of Gink and Gasoline, the ethics of fly fishing photography, and a story I rarely tell about how I was nearly killed by chimpanzees. Even if you’re not interested in me, and I don’t blame you, you should be listening to April’s podcasts.

Check me out on, Anchored, with April Vokey.

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10 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / April and Me

  1. Great job. I really enjoyed the podcast. Is the photo series of the apes posted anywhere or would you consider posting it. I would love to see the photos you described.

  2. Enjoyed this episode, great energy. Really enjoyed your stories and hearing how G&G came to be. One thing though, I think your numbers on Scottish salmon returns need checking…

  3. Really enjoyed the podcast! I listen to April’s podcast on my commute and look at your blog every day, so it was great to see the two of you come together. I’m not one to comment very often but I loved the narrative and what you’re doing for the community. I didn’t realize G&G launched 5 years ago . . . I think I must have found the blog soon afterwards because I’ve been following for a long time. I’d love to see the photos and sequence of the chimps plotting against you. You should put them up!

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