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By Justin Pickett

I’m a regular listener of the Anchored podcast, which is produced and hosted by April Vokey.

Her guests include some of the most influential individuals across the gamut of outdoor industries, and covers topics such as conservation, ethics, and travel, along with behind the scenes insight as to what drew these outdoorsmen and women to seek a career in the outdoors, whether it be hunting or fishing. April does an amazing job captivating her listeners by not only having some of the most renowned personalities on her podcast, but by also asking engaging questions that draws the listening in even further. By the end of each podcast, you feel like you know the person she was interviewing, and I often find myself learning quite a few new things along the way.

Yesterday, I expected nothing less than April’s usual intriguing dialogue when catching up on a few of episodes that I had missed during previous seasons of Anchored. One of the episodes was with Ted Juracsik, founder of Tibor Reels. Ted is certainly known for producing some of the most beautiful and brawny fly reels in the industry. Made 100% in the USA, they are amazing tools for the serious fly angler. What you probably don’t know about Ted Juracsik is even more amazing. His compelling life story, and how he landed in the U.S., had me hooked from beginning-to-end, and is probably my favorite episode from any podcast that I’ve listened to thus far. Full of emotion, pride, patriotism and inspiration, this episode is certainly one that you will be glad you took the time to enjoy! 

Give it a listen Here!

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3 thoughts on “ Saturday Shoutout / Anchored with Ted Juracsik

  1. Ted has been on the Walker Cay Chronicles with Flip Pallot catching tarpon in the Everglades, one of my favorite episodes. I’ve known several Eastern Europeans, one of my best friends on the planet is from Slovakia, who escaped there in the late 60’s with his family, also went to Austria first. They are deeply patriotic, his son was a Navy Seal. I own several Tibor and Pate Reels, the Pate Bonefish remains my favorite bonefish reel, it is over 25 years old. I traveled to Slovakia and Czech Republic in 2015, it remains my favorite place in Europe to travel. Thank you Justin for playing this podcast, Ted’s journey is inspiring.

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