Lucky #7?

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Photo by Justin Pickett

By Louis Cahill

On Friday Oct 9th I’ll have my seventh eye surgery.

Just a quick update. I’m doing well and am stable, getting stronger all the time and adjusting to my new vision. I’ll indulge in understatement and just say it has been a challenge but I am feeling confident that the worst is behind me. 

Friday’s surgery will attempt to secure the part of my retina that is most profoundly scarred by PVR. How this surgery and, more importantly my body’s response to it, goes will determine what the future looks like. Literally. If all goes well and my eye heals with a good bond to the retina, I may only have one more surgery to go. That would be a great outcome, for my condition. Please keep some positive vibes coming my way in the next few weeks.

I have learned that with PVR, like fishing, it’s best to have little in the way of expectations. That said, this surgery is supposed to be easier, recovery wise, than my previous surgeries. I’ll be down for at least two weeks, so if I’m a little quiet here, that’s why. Hopefully it will all go well and I can keep moving forward. We have some exciting new content coming your way soon. I’ll be posting about that before long.

In the mean time, stay tuned and get out there and catch some fish for me.


Louis Cahill
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20 thoughts on “Lucky #7?

  1. Good luck Louis, I hope it goes well for you and a speedy recovery. I enjoy G&G everyday. I always learn something new. We’re all thinking about you.

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