G&G / Fishpond Fishing Dog Photo Contest: Winner

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Photo by Ryan Forbus

Photo by Ryan Forbus

If that dog can’t find fish I’ll eat my trucker hat.

Congratulations to Ryan Forbus. This photo of his fishing buddy Mason, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. That’s as regal a fishing dog as I’ve ever seen. For his good looks, Mason will enjoy a new collar, food and water bowls, and dog bed from Fishpond. Ryan has chosen Angels Among Us Pet Rescue to receive a $250 donation from G&G and Fishpond.

We received a landslide of great dog photos for this contest. So many beautiful images it was hard to pick just one. Since it doesn’t seem fair to keep them to ourselves, over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some selections on Fridays. Stop by for Fishing Dog Fridays and get your dog fix from G&G.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and a big thanks to FISHPOND for their generosity and support.

Louis Cahill
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