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Blackwaters isn’t really a film about fly fishing.

My buddy Chad Brown called the other day to tell me about the latest project he’s been involved with. When you get that call from Chad, you know it’s going to be interesting, and its going to be a conversation worth having. 

The project is a film called Blackwaters. Fly fishing being the excuse for five black men to go on a camp trip to the wilds of Alaska. If you’re not black, and most of our readers are not, you may not be aware that the wilderness does not always feel like a safe place for Black Americans. I feel sure that choice was intentional. The stage is set for a substantive conversation on the topic of being male and being black in 2023. The fishing is secondary. In the end it is, in fact, a conversation worth having.

The Premier of Blackwaters will be Aug 26, 1-5pm at Billy Frank Jr Conference Center 721 NW Ninth Ave Second floor Portland, OR 97209

You can find information and other showings at

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