Stilt Houses of Texas

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Photos by Tim Romano

By Louis Cahill

Stilt houses of Texas is a unique and beautiful documentary work by one of my favorite photographers.

If you fly fish, the odds are good that you know the photographs of Tim Romano. Even if you don’t know him by name, his work is unmistakable and hard to miss. For me at least, Tim’s images are as much a part of the fly fishing culture as moving water. This year, his first coffee table book was published and, if you fish the Texas coast, the imagery will be familiar.

The Stilt Houses that dot the Texas coast are a collection of ad-hoc structures built by squatters over the years. Now owned and managed by the state of Texas, these structures host a culture as unique as the buildings themselves. A unique and enduring expression of Texas individualism.

Over the past few years Tim has assembled a collection of hundreds of images, which capture this amazing piece of Texas history with insight and detail that will have you tasting the salt air. If you love the Texas coast, this boo will be near to your heart.

Enjoy this collection of photos By Tim Romano.

You can buy your own copy of Stilt Houses of Texas here.


Louis Cahill
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