Simms Flyweight Access Boot, a true breakthrough

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I have hated every rubber soled boot I’ve ever worn, until now.

Up to now, when I heard the words “rubber sole” I just heard, “wet, cold and hurt.” There has never been a rubber soled boot that gripped better than a Converse Allstar, as far as I’m concerned. There are a handful of really cool features in the new Flyweight Access Boot but the big news is, IT ACTUALLY WORKS! The first day I wore these boots I forgot I wa wearing rubber soles. I felt every bit as confident in them as I do in my felt sole boots, and they far exceed felt for grip on trails and slippery banks. I have absolutely no reservations saying, this is the best rubber sole wading boot ever made.

Watch the video to hear my review of the new Simms Flyweight Access Boot.

Justin Pickett

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