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I’ve said it before, Florida is the primier fishery in the US.

That statement always starts an argument, but if you do the math, it’s hard to deny. I don’t know another fishery with the variety or quality of fishing. Let’s not even talk about 200 pound gamefish. The problem is, this awesome fishery is in trouble.

“When most people think of the Everglades, they picture the sawgrass wetlands and mangroves at the southern tip of Florida. What they don’t realize is that the health of this incredible ecosystem is dependent upon events far to the north. Historically, the Everglades received a steady supply of fresh water from a massive watershed that begins near Orlando, but over the past century—in the name of flood control and agriculture—man has interrupted that flow, most notably at Lake Okeechobee. As a result, the amount of water that reaches Florida Bay, at the southern tip of the state, is less than half of what it should be.”- Orvis

Orvis has produced this short film, which is extremely informative. If you are interested in the subject, or how you can help, check it out.

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