Saturday Shoutout / Little Girls, Big Trout

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Lyla Blue Guymon is a normal seven year-old…with a magazine cover.

Matt and Summer Guymon have had their daughter Lyla on the water, literarily since before she was born. Every parent loves to see their kid catch fish, but not all get to see them catch trophy brown trout. Fewer more see the moment preserved on a magazine cover.

Matt’s story about the cover photo of Trout magazine is as heartwarming as it is unusual. Take a minute an share the excitement with Lyla and her dad.

A little girl’s big impact in TROUT Magazine

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Little Girls, Big Trout

  1. I love it. As the father of a 5 yr old girl it’s so great to see! My girl already knows about all our species of trout here in north Georgia and this summer it’s my goal for to get her on a trout of any size. One could only hope for a fish like that!

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