New Fly Rods foe Trout, From Sage: Video

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Three new trout centered rods from Sage.

Sage is thinking specific on trout fishing. These three new offerings cover the gambit of trout fishing situation. The award winning Trout LL is a classic medium action fly rod with a focus on dry fly fishing, the Payload is a streamer throwing machine and the Trout Spey HD is an ultralight two hander. If you’re a trout fisher, one of these likely sounds good to you. Maybe all three!

Get the details on the new trout rods from Sage in this video.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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3 thoughts on “New Fly Rods foe Trout, From Sage: Video

  1. Beg your pardon, way back to basics here. I never quite understood how to execute this cast while the current is pulling the line to the left or right or both directions at the same time. Thanks

  2. Yikes! This person needs to concentrate on non-customer oriented responsibilities…or he needs to attend Marketing 101. He seems like a nice honest person, but I can’t believe Sage would use him to promote its products.

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