Browns Rising

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Back in 2013 Kent Klewein and I were in a tire commercial.

I was encouraged by a reader to reshare this video from 5 years ago. It seems like yesterday but our readership has grown so much since then that plenty of you have not seen it. If you have, please excuse the old news. If you haven’t, take a few minutes and enjoy some cool fishing footage. It is of course a tire commercial, so there’s that too.

Browns Rising

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2 thoughts on “Browns Rising

  1. I used to use BF Goodrich on 4 of my trucks. for almost 20 years. They are a tremendous tire. about 5 years ago I switched to the Good Year Duratrack tires. They are a more aggressive tire and have the same amount of road noise. They worked better in the mud and snow than the BF’s, but besides that I never had a flat with either of them running the mountain roads in central/northern, PA and the Adirondacks. Both are good tires, the Duratracks are a little softer rubber and they need to be rotated every oil change.

  2. Ha ! A few years ago, Kent’s and your pictures would have been on the “Wanted Dead or Alive” board in the Adrian General Store for
    disclosing the O. That is one incredible river.
    Also looks like you found the upper Tunnel Road in the video.

    Awesome trip.
    thanks for sharing

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