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Photo by Louis Cahill

Photo by Louis Cahill

Brian O’Keefe has something on his mind and it isn’t how many steelhead he can catch.

This article from Wild Steelheaders United might just be the birth of a movement. At a meeting of folks interested in steelhead conservation, Brian stood up and declared, “Four is enough!” What the hell is he talking about? I thought. Once I found out I though it was pretty cool.

Check out this article and see if 4 is enough for you.

Four Is Enough

Louis Cahill
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3 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / 4 Is Enough

  1. Makes abundant sense. I know that the term “catch and release” has had an enormous impact on fisheries. It works to inform folks with a willingness to share by getting them to think about their impact. Some will never agree with catch and release, and that’s OK as long as they stay within legal limits. If there is a movement, there will be an impact. With steelhead it can be similar because the message is simple, explainable, and critical for continued success. Some will ignore, rationalize, and do what they want because it is human to be selfish as well as selfless. But as long as the message of how pressure impacts the quality of a fishery is out, there should be improvement. In any event, the four is enough folks are admirable people in my book. If it becomes part of the culture of steelhead fishing, hopefully even the “once in my lifetime trip” crowd will want to be part of it to join the culture. Those who don’t will never get it and probably do not get the depth of feeling that we do that goes along with the beauty and exhilaration of connecting with a life form as magnificent as a steelhead.

  2. …”the indicator crowd”… “abusive”…

    Love the idea but, as usual, plenty of needles and pokes tied in there. Way to bring everyone into the fold.

  3. I think this is a great idea for just about all at-risk fisheries. If you catch and release fish, you’re occasionally killing fish no matter how careful you think you are. Can’t stand posts bragging about 50-fish days – if you can’t be satisfied with hooking and landing 4 good healthy specimens of anything you’re targeting (other than abundant species headed for the deep fryer like crappie or catfish), you’re probably fishing for the wrong reasons.

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